A new wave of vegetarian cooking!

Iron Amma

The New Wave of cooking!

I’m a chef, inventor and a passionate foodie. This website comes as an extension of all of those passions and addresses my specialty: Vegetarian Cooking!

I’ve been experimenting with cooking since I was a child, always putting a spin on classic dishes and inventing many of my own.  My style has always been a mash up of global and Indian cooking, local and exotic ingredients, and a dedication to flavor and health consciousness.

Vegetarian cooking has grown tremendously in the last few decades and I hope this blog helps continue this culinary trend. I strive to create savory, delicious, and healthy food. I hope you’ll find my recipes and cooking tips useful and inspiring.


3 thoughts on “Iron Amma

  1. WOW!!! Looks great and the content is fantastic!!!

    • Thanks. It’s a hot day today so I will be posting a delicious cold drink to quench your thirst – to get instant recipes please enter your e-mail address in the Email Subscription box on the right of the blog!

  2. This is awesome! I am cooking one of them tonite =)

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