A new wave of vegetarian cooking!

Tofu with Colorful Veggies (Stir Fry)

Another lazy day for a quick and healthy dish!


6 cups stir fry frozen veggies from Costco – semi-thaw as high heat will evaporate excess water

1 block firm, organic and sprouted tofu – rectangular cut

Fresh Blend: 1″ piece of ginger, 3 colored (yellow, orange, red) sweet peppers, 1 green chile, 3 garlic cloves and 1 stem basil. Coarsely chop and blend in a small food processor.

4 tbsp olive or peanut oil

1 tbsp fermented red chile or black bean sauce

2 tsp white or brown or black sesame seeds (I used white)

~ 4 tbsp soy sauce

~ 2 tbsp ketchup – gives a hint of tart and sweet flavor

Salt to taste

2 tbsp sesame oil


First, stir fry tofu using half of the ingredients.

In a wok or dome pan, dry toast all of the sesame seeds on medium high heat.

Then add oil, fresh blend, chile sauce and tofu –  saute and sear for about 4 min.

Then add ketchup, soy sauce and salt – mix for few min.

Last sprinkle in the sesame oil.

Remove from the pan and set aside.

Stir fry the veggies by the same procedure as the tofu.

Last mix in the tofu and serve with noodles or rice.


Sprinkle toasted black sesame to give a contrast to the vibrant colorful dish.


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